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We serve the best the plant-based kingdom has to offer. All our dishes are fully plant-powered and enriched with seaweed and micro-algae, from National Park the Oosterschelde.

The Dutch Weed Burger

The best burger on the planet, for the planet! Made with protein-packed beans, enriched with fresh, organic Royal Kombu, and served on the one and only green Weed Bun.

Sea Nuggets

Golden green, salty and crunchy. These nuggets are deep-fried, crispy Weed nuggets based on rice, fava beans, and sea lettuce. The whitefish structure and salty sea taste are reminiscent of fried fish.


Ocean flavor, planet saver. Our crunchy SeaSticks are a sustainable and tasty replacement for the Dutch fish fingers. Enriched with seaweed dulse and sea lettuce for a unique fishy taste.


Weed Balls

Inspired by the traditional Dutch bitterbal, we created these delicious fried balls that taste perfect with a nice cold beer. The balls are filled with a ragout made from the Japanese shiitake mushroom and Nameko and king oyster mushrooms. The fleshy structure of this trinity ensures a perfect ragout mix and umami experience. The taste is enhanced by seaweed flakes that have been mixed with the ragout. 

Where to eat?

You can get the Weed Burger at retailers all over The Netherlands and Belgium. Or eat our Weeds at about 200 restaurants throughout the Netherlands and beyond. Next to that, you will find us at (inter) national festivals and other events. We also do catering!