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To make all life thrive

Our misson

Challenge the taking culture, nuture the giving culture and create a future where all life thrives.

Our misson

The Weed Burger manifesto

We are the rebels that believe in radical change. Not the usual suspects, but the kind ones that make it truly happen.

We refuse to look away from the harsh reality of our broken food system and bravely stand up to face our destiny, even though it’s frightening-as-fuck.

Our intention is to live in compassionate co-existence with the natural world and all of its inhabitants. Therefore, we aim to give back to the community’s much as we receive what we need to thrive.

We are the ones that turn the tide for the animals, the planet and ourselves, guided by the gospel of the sea, the source of all life.

Powerful and Peaceful. We are nourished by the best foods that the plant-based kingdom has to offer.

From protein-rich beans to the magical wonder of the ocean greens. Always enjoying this profound deliciousness.

Dive in with us and ride along on this wave of radical kindness. Eat Weed Live Long.

Serving positive change

Only The Dutch Weed Burger taps into the primal force of Mother Sea to stop the suffering and offer delicious food that regenerates itself.