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Frequently asked questions

Whether there’s marihuana in our food and if we really use that gross, slimy stuff that lies on the beach. Oh, and why do we do all this? These questions we hear quite often.

  • Do you guys really use marihuana in your burgers?

    When somebody comes up to us on festivals, we used to say, ‘Yeah man, we do, but the organization confiscated all those burgers. We do have some burgers left with seaweed, though. 99% smiled vaguely and ordered one, forgetting all about the fact that they were ordering a vegan burger! Since the Netherlands is known for its weed culture, this name just came up and it has worked well ever since.

  • Do people really eat that green, annoying stuff lying around on the beach?

    Yes! And NO! That stuff lying on the beach consists of old plants and you need to be careful to eat them. The weeds we use grow in sea farms. This new form of agriculture is called seagriculture. Humankind has been eating seaweed for thousands of years! We use it because it is extremely healthy. Seaweed and algae contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3-6-9 and are full of proteins, iron, and calcium. As a matter of fact, it holds a rather similar code of protein as meat, making it a perfect substitute.

  • How Dutch is your seaweed?

    Very. Our seaweed grows in the Dutch national park the Oosterschelde

  • Why seaweed?

    We believe that sustainability has less to do with our planet and more to do with society. Planet Earth can sustain itself; it has done so for millions of years. The question is, are we able to re-organize our economies and lifestyles so the Earth’s ecosystem can sustain our livelihood?

    By switching to a plant-based diet and by using seaweed, as the main source of protein, we can relieve the pressure on our ecosystems: by minimizing the impact of the meat and dairy industry, reducing greenhouse gases, saving thousands of liters of freshwater, and restoring thousands of acres of land – currently being used for animal farming.

    Scientists say that the global need for proteins would equal a total of three times the size of Portugal in seaweed crop fields to produce enough for all. That is why we use seaweed. It’s like saving the world with good and tasty food!

  • Is your burger really made of seaweed?

    We do use other ingredients and keep them as wholesome and natural as possible, so no, it’s not JUST seaweed. The Dutch Weed Burger is a bun, patty, and sauce enriched with three different types of seaweed. The patty is made of roasted soy shreds enriched with kombu. We gave the bun an extra protein kick with the micro-algae chlorella. Our Weed Sauce is a homemade vegan mayonnaise enriched with fresh sea lettuce. Check out the stories behind all of our products.

  • Soy?Holy heavens, you guys use that evil bean in your burger?

    YES, we do. And NO, it is not evil. Here’s why. We all know that large parts of the rainforests have been cut for soy fields, but let’s get the facts straight.

    It’s not the vegetarian drinking a soy cappuccino that is responsible for this disaster, it is because these beans are fed to animals, worldwide. When soybeans started to be mixed in animal feed, the industry ravaged the pristine forests in South America to feed animals cheap food. About 90% of the world’s soy production is used for animal feed. That’s the problem, not the bean itself. So soy is a very good source of proteins, it can help you get rid of toxins in your body, relieve stress, and is good for your brain!

    We say: soybean, thank you!

  • Is The Dutch Weed Burger vegetarian?

    When people pose this question, we say: “Yes, it is ALSO vegetarian.” Meat eaters always get confused when they hear that, because it goes short-circuit in their brain. If it’s also vegetarian, it must be something they would be able to eat as well, and that’s exactly the case.

    The burger is also Halal and Kosher and Vegan, but we don’t say that, we call it plant-based. All we did was take out the animal-based proteins and replace them with plant-based proteins. That’s it!

  • Is it sustainable, vegan, organic, and palm oil free?

    All of our products are entirely plant-based and free of palm oil. We source all of our ingredients as locally as possible, even our seaweed comes from the Oosterschelde in the Netherlands. We use soybeans from controlled cultivation in mostly Europe (75%) and North America, obviously NON-GMO. Right now we’re even testing soy from Dutch soil! We are dedicated to making our products and our entire business as sustainable as possible.

    And we love organic! Where it is possible we do choose to use organic ingredients, but since our product is already on the pricey side we need to make choices. If we would make our burgers completely organic, nobody would buy them anymore because they would be too pricey. That would be a shame, right? Fortunately, we recently were able to make our Weed Sauce 100% organic! It’s a process.

  • Why doesn’t my favorite restaurant serve your burger?

    If you have a favorite hang-out spot and you think The Dutch Weed Burger will fit their menu, make sure to tell them and send them through to us! We can send them info and some samples to convince them to step aboard our seaweed adventure. We are working with a small team, so we could use ambassadors anytime!

  • I really like The Dutch Weed Burger, can I have your recipe?

    Sorry to say, but NO you cannot! It is hidden in a vault, deep down in the ocean. We can tell you that it consists of plants…lots of them! So…keep eating those plants, nuts, seeds, fruits, and grains and who knows? You might come up with a vegan product that tastes really good yourself! If you do, tell us. We are always hungry for more!

  • Is the Dutch Weed Burger available in grocery stores?

    No, it is not, or not yet might be a better answer. So far we have put all of our time into getting The Dutch Weed Burger on restaurant menus all over The Netherlands. Now we are there, we’re looking into all the options out there to get even more people to taste The Dutch Weed Burger. Would you like it to be available in grocery stores? And in what way? We would love to hear your thoughts!

  • I have a restaurant and would like some Dutch Weed on my menu!

    Now that you’ve read all about our products, the question is: can you order that delicious plant-based food to serve at your restaurant? Yes, you can! Check out how that’s gonna work, or contact us via info@dutchweedburger.com.

    We’ll talk you through details like customer prices, delivery, the nutritional value we’re so proud of, and all the different ways of presenting the Dutch Weed Burger and the Sea Nuggets! Eager to get a taste? Just let us know if you’d like a free sample package sent to your restaurant.

  • Last question, why are you doing this?

    We are organizing a mutiny in the fast food industry, by showing politicians, big corporations, NGOs, farmers, and consumers that there are new opportunities on the horizon that are nourishing to nature, animals, and mankind. We believe that we can speed up this worldwide transition, by changing the way we eat, one bite at a time!

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