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Golden green, salty and crunchy. These nuggets are dOcean flavour, planet saver. Our crunchy SeaSticks are the sustainable and tasty replacement for fish fingers. Enriched with seaweed dulse and sea lettuce for a unique fishy taste.

Crunchy SeaSticks

Change is here! Fish fingers are a very popular fish product, we want to put something positive in return. The SeaSticks are 100% plant-based, with the taste of fish. The meat transition has started, and now it is the fish’s turn. The SeaSticks are kid-proof, perfect as a snack or alongside your healthy meal.

The SeaSticks have a delicious crust with coarse seaweed flakes. The seaweed dulse and sea lettuce are locally grown in the Oosterschelde and provide a boost of minerals and vitamins. They are packed with nutrients such as calcium, iodine, fibre, proteins and omega fats and a good amount of protein.

Where regular fish fingers provide more than 200 calories per 100 grams, this number has been reduced to 130. In addition, the SeaSticks contain less fat, fewer carbohydrates and almost five times as much fibre. EAT WEED LIVE LONG!

Check out here the ingredients of the SeaSticks.