Radically Delicious

Plant-based food full of protein and enriched with Dutch seaweed.



With our food trucks we travel to festivals and other events through the whole of Europe. Discover where you’ll find us the upcoming months!  >

Our food

From the classic Dutch Weed Burger and the Wish ‘n Chips to our Seawharma and Dutch Weed Dog: 100% plant-based, 100% vegangsta.  >


More than 200 restaurants serve our Dutch Weed Burger. Find out at which restaurants closest to you.  >

Our mission

We believe that plant-based living is the key to change. We’re changing the way we eat, one delicious bite at a time!  >

What’s up with seaweed?

It comes from the sea, grows on sunlight and belongs to the most powerful of plants on this planet. Seaweed is considered the new green gold and many scientists agree that this little green plant can save our planet. What’s up with that?

About seaweed


Eat Weed Live Long
Eat Weed Live Long