Where to find us

At about 200 restaurants in the Netherlands and just beyond the borders you can enjoy our Weed Burger and Sea Nuggets. Our other dishes are served in our Joint and at lots of festivals. We do catering too!


More than 200 restaurants serve our Dutch Weed Burger or Sea Nuggets. Find out at which restaurants closest to you, you’ll munch on your next Weedy bite o’ goodness!  >

Events & festivals

With our food trucks we travel to festivals and other events through the whole of Europe. Here you’ll see where you can find us the upcoming months!  >

Bagels & Beans

At all Bagels & Beans restaurants in and just outside of the Netherlands you’ll find a special Dutch Weed Bagel on the menu.  >


The Dutch Weed Burger at your event? A House of Seaweed lunch for all of your colleagues? We’d love to cater your (work) lunch, social event and dinner on location.  >