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Weed Burger

The Dutch Weed Burger

The best burger on the planet, for the planet! Made with protein-packed beans, enriched with fresh, organic Royal Kombu, and served on the one and only green Weed Bun.

The original (sea)weed burger

The Dutch Weed Burger is one of the healthiest burgers on the planet, with seaweed as the key flavour maker. The juicy patty is made of protein-rich, salty soy chips and enriched with Royal Kombu seaweed that is sustainably cultivated in the Dutch region of Zeeland.

The crispy roasted Weed Bun colours bright green due to the superfood chlorella, which consists of microalgae packed with nutritious proteins and Omega acids. The finishing touch? Our creamy Weed Sauce, is enriched with Sea Lettuce, a fresh summer weed that brings a nice freshness to this healthy snack.

Check out the Weed Burger ingredients

Create the Weed Burger at home! Founder Mark shows you how to prep the classic.


Sustainable plant power

The Dutch Weed Burger is completely free of palm oil. The pure ingredients we use are sustainably grown and obtained as locally as possible. Because not only animal rights but the welfare of the whole earth is extremely important to us. That is why we think it is important that we not only serve you tasty vegan treats but also that we limit the number of food miles as much as possible.

Palm Oil Free certificate