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Why vegan?

We believe that a plant-based food culture is the key to change. Whether it is the end of suffering for the animals, making our economy sustainable or total world peace!

It is our mission to make a plant-based diet mainstream. Why? First of all, out of ethical concern. Live and let live, is what we want. Nobody, human or animal, needs to suffer or die for the production of food. Instead, we can grow everything we need and like. No animal needs to be exploited for that. We dream of a world without the suffering of animals: the plant-based kitchen makes way for a more harmonious society, in which all the beings on earth have a place.

On top of that, the meat and dairy industry cause severe environmental problems. The United Nations literally say that raising animals for food is one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global. Also, there would be more than enough food for all of the humans on this planet, if the 40% of crops now produced for feeding animals, were used directly for human consumption. So a plant-based diet could actually end world hunger.

And you know what? Plant-based food offers all of the nutrients you need to stay healthy and energized, does not contain any cholesterol and way less saturated fats. We believe in the power of a diverse, plant-based diet. Seaweed and algae as powerhouses of nutrients are vital to this. The Dutch Weed Burger is all about the power of vegan nutrition and considers seaweed with her rich amount of nutrients as a crucial source of high quality proteins, omega acids and minerals! And it all tastes damn good too.

Waarom vegan

We believe that sustainability has less to do with our planet and more to do with society. Mother Earth can sustain herself: she has proven that for millions of years. The question is, are we able to re-organise our economies and lifestyles so the Earth’s ecosystem can sustain our livelihood? 

With plant-based nutrition and by using seaweed as the main source of protein, we can relieve the pressure on our ecosystems: by minimizing the impact of the meat and dairy industry, reducing greenhouse gases, saving thousands liters of fresh water and restoring thousands of acres of land – currently being used for animal farming. 

Scientists state that the global need for proteins would equal a total of three times the size of Portugal in seaweed crop fields to produce enough for all. That is why we use seaweed, sustainably cultivated by Zeewaar. It’s like saving the world with good food!

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