Our food

We serve the best that the plant-based kingdom has to offer. All of our dishes are entirely plant-powered and enriched with seaweed and micro-algae from seaweed farm Zeewaar in the Dutch Oosterschelde.

The Dutch Weed Burger

The best burger on the planet, for the planet! Made from protein rich beans, enriched with fresh Royal Kombu from the Oosterschelde and served on the one and only green Weed Bun.  >

Sea Nuggets

Gold green, salty and crunchy. Our Sea Nuggets are deep-fried, crispy bites with the briny flavours of the sea; somewhat resembling Dutch ‘kibbeling’.  >

The Dutch Weed Dog

This spicy vegan pitbull is made of grilled seitan, enriched with Royal Kombu flakes and chipotle. This plant-based hotdog will make you roar!  >


This tasty grilled seitan is flavoured with Dutch seaweed and colourful Arabic spices, carefully wrapped in traditional flatbread.  >

The Dutch Weed Bagel

Specially for Bagel & Beans we designed a Weed Burger that can be prepared without a grill. Served on a bagel of your choice: a salty experience with a crispy crust!  >

Where to eat?

Our Dutch Weed Burger is served at more than 200 restaurants throughout Netherlands, at (inter)national festivals and events. We do catering as well!  >