About us

About our mission, why the future is plant-based and seaweed is the tool to make that happen, about being a social enterprise, our role in the Green Protein Alliance, who were are ourselves, our talks and more.

Our mission

We are organizing a mutiny in the fast food industry, by showing politicians, big corporations, NGO’s, farmers and consumers that there are new opportunities on the horizon that are nourishing to nature, animals and mankind. We believe that we can speed up this worldwide transition, by changing the way we eat, one bite at a time!


Why vegan?

We believe that a plant based food culture is the key to change. Whether it is the end of suffering for the animals, making our economy sustainable or total world peace!  >

Why seaweed?

Seaweed is considered the new green gold and many scientists agree that this little green plant can save our planet! How come?  >

Social enterprise

Purpose driven and straight from the heart: The Dutch Weed Burger breathes sustainability. Plant-based products, recycled materials and solar panels on our roofs.  >

Green Protein Alliance

A unique alliance between retailers, the catering industry, food producers and knowledge partners, together restoring a healthy and sustainable balance in protein consumption.  >

The team

Meet the people behind the burger. The headquarters at the Ceuvel, event management and The Dutch Weed Burger Joint!  >


Book Mark Kulsdom for a rock-solid talk about social enterprises, seaweed as protein source and his own personal development from activist to entrepreneur.  >

Frequently asked

Whether there’s marihuana in our food and if we really use that gross, slimey stuff that lies on the beach. These questions we hear quite often.  >

Our products

Entirely plant-based, enriched with sustainably cultivated Dutch seaweed and most importantly: damn delicious. Find out what we’re actually making.  >


The Dutch Weed Burger at your event or on the menu of your restaurant? Want to book an inspiring talk or just want a conversation about weed? Here’s where you can find us. Visit our ship in the middle of the idyllic Ceuvel!

Eat Weed Live Long
Eat Weed Live Long