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Restaurants that serve our food

More than 200 restaurants serve our Dutch Weed Burger or Sea Nuggets. Find out at which restaurants closest to you, you’ll munch on your next Weedy bite o’ goodness!

Drop your address, postal code or city below and find out where the closest Weed Burger serving restaurant is! Planning to go to a restaurant just to have one of our products? Please check out their menu beforehand or give them a call to see if they actually do serve the Dutch Weed Burger, Weed Dogg, or Sea Nuggets at that time. Because of changing seasonal menus their current options can vary!

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      More sales outlets

      Is there a restaurant that doesn’t serve our products yet, but totally needs to? Make a suggestion! Share their name and website with us, and we’ll contact them straight away. Maybe they too will serve our Weed Burger or Sea Nuggets in a little while!

      Do you have your own restaurant and would you like to serve our products? Get in touch with us here! We’ll get you a free sample package and all the price, nutritional and delivery information you need to get started.