Weed Balls

Inspired by the traditional Dutch bitterbal, we created these delicious fried balls that taste perfect with a nice cold beer.

Weed Balls

The balls are filled with a ragout made from the Japanese shiitake mushroom and Nameko and king oyster mushrooms. The fleshy structure of this trinity ensures a perfect ragout mix and umami experience. The taste is enhanced by seaweed flakes that have been mixed with the ragout. 

Deep-frying gives the balls that distinctive seaweed flavour. For the Balls we use Ulva Lactuca, or sea lettuce. These green algae is grown in onshore saltwater basins by Saline Farming near the coast of Texel. This Ulva seaweed is naturally also rich in Omega-3, so they are without a doubt the best balls you ever had. 

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Sustainable plant power

The Weed balls are completely free of palm oil. The pure ingredients we use are sustainably grown and obtained as locally as possible. Because not only animal rights but the welfare of the whole earth are extremely important to us. That is why we think it is important that we not only serve you tasty vegan treats but also that we limit the number of food miles as much as possible.

Palm Oil Free certificate

Seaweed from Zeewaar

The seaweed that we use in our products is sustainably grown in Oosterschelde National Park by Rebecca and Jennifer from Zeewaar, the first sustainable seaweed farm in the Netherlands. They will soon receive the organic label from Skal (the EU organic logo), making Zeewaar the first organic seaweed farm in the Netherlands.

Seaweed is called the new green gold and many scientists believe that this green plant can save our planet. What’s up with that? Find out why we love this ocean green so much.