Weed Dogg

The Dutch Weed Dog

This vegan pitbull among the dogs has a base of peas and oyster mushroom and is enriched with Sea lettuce and Dulse. This plant-based hot dog combines a juicy, firm bite with a smokey and fresh, salty taste.

Sink your teeth into this tasty pitbull

Finally. A really tasty vegan hot dog. The innovative base of meaty toasted peas and blanched oyster mushroom creates a texture reminiscent of a bratwurst. The combination with sea lettuce and dulse provides this killer sausage with a boost in taste and nutritional value. Because the sausages are authentically smoked, no smoke flavour needs to be added.

The combination of sea lettuce and dulse that you encounter in this sausage is also known as Sea parsley. Dried sea lettuce has a nutty flavour, similar to arugula. The taste goes well with the full, smoky taste of dulse, which is reminiscent of bacon. Sea lettuce is not only delicious but also very healthy. It is low in fat and mainly contains polyunsaturated fatty acids essential for our health, including omega 3 fatty acids and EPA. Sea lettuce also contains many antioxidants and vitamins, such as provitamin A, B1, C, and B5. What else do you want?

Check out the Weed Dog ingredients

Sustainable plant power

The Weed Dog is completely free of palm oil. The pure ingredients we use are sustainably grown and obtained as locally as possible. Because not only animal rights but the welfare of the whole earth are extremely important to us. That is why we think it is important that we not only serve you tasty vegan treats but also that we limit the number of food miles as much as possible.

Palm Oil Free certificate

Seaweed from Zeewaar

The seaweed that we use in our products is sustainably grown in Oosterschelde National Park by Rebecca and Jennifer from Zeewaar, the first sustainable seaweed farm in the Netherlands. They are the first organic seaweed farm in the Netherlands.

Seaweed is called the new green gold and many scientists believe that this green plant can save our planet. What’s up with that? Find out why we love this ocean green so much