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Social & sustainable enterprise

Purpose driven and straight from the heart: The Dutch Weed Burger breathes sustainability. Plant-based products, recycled materials and solar panels on our roofs.

We have dreams. Some we are living right now, others we are working on. We dream of a world where nobody, human or animal, needs to suffer or die for the production of food. Of a way of eating and living that does not harm our planet. That is why we make the best, tastiest plant-based food enriched with healthy seaweed out there. Full of nutrients, for an instant natural high.

All of our food is plant-based and palm oil free, we work with locally sourced ingredients as much as possible to create food miles as least as possible and all of our products are enriched with sustainably cultivated seaweed of our own Dutch Oosterschelde. We are strongly against the wild harvest of seaweed that is so harmful to our oceans. We use soy beans from controlled cultivation in mostly Europe (75%) and North America, obviously NON-GMO. Right now we’re even testing soy from Dutch soil!

Where possible we choose to use organic ingredients, but since our products are already on the pricey side we need to make choices. If we would make our burger completely organic, nobody would buy it anymore, because it would be too pricey. Fortunately we recently were able to make our Weed Sauce 100% organic! It’s a process.

Duurzaam ondernemerschap

Of course our care for Mother Earth and her inhabitants reaches beyond just serving plant-based goodness. The whole Dutch Weed Burger operation breathes sustainability. On festivals we work, for instance, with biodegradable straws and to go cups only, recycled napkins and even ecological ink. We use as least regular plastic as possible.

We wish to ban plastics from the food chain (actually ban it completely), but during this whole Dutch Weed Burger process we bump into things that aren’t possible yet, like using 100% biodegradable sauce buckets. We are still too small, we don’t have enough money, the industry does not have fitting solutions, all that jazz. However, we truly are dedicated to finding sustainable solutions. Until then, we recycle till we drop! We ask all of the Dutch Weed Burger serving restaurants to do the same and invite you to pay attention to your own use of plastic and go plastic free whenever you can!

We are actively collaborating with several other organizations to reach our goals. That is why we’re in the board of the Green Protein Alliance, a unique alliance between retailers, the catering industry, food producers and knowledge partners, together restoring a healthy and sustainable balance in protein consumption. And we’re in the board of Animal Rights, a powerful Netherlands and Belgium based animal rights organization. We are also part of Social Enterprise NL, a hub for social enterprises to create more social and economic impact.

Our seaweed is cultivated underneath the mighty wind turbines in National Park Oosterschelde and there are solar panels on the roofs of both our headquarters at the circular, cleantech playground De Ceuvel and our brand new energy efficient warehouse in the west of Amsterdam.

We rack our brains over how to have our food trucks drive electric (funding a project like that is an interesting challenge) and we’re optimizing our transport to all of the Dutch Weed Burger serving restaurants continuously.

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