Lezingen en workshops

The two founders of The Dutch Weed Burger, Mark and Lisette, are well experienced storytellers and both have their own personal and professional angle on the story of The Dutch Weed Burger.

Mark is a born storyteller and The Dutch Weed Burger is his biggest story so far. In May 2015 Mark took on the TEDx stage to tell the audience about the inception of The Dutch Weed Burger and his personal journey from animal activism to ecopreneurship. His experience as Chief Everything at The Dutch Weed Burger adds up to an inspiring story on running a social enterprise, individual engagement and working towards a healthy planet!

Lisette is all about food styling & the culinary side of seaweed and plants. One of her specials is the Weed Up Your Life workshop, which includes a trip to the seashore where participants get to harvest wild weed. The workshop continues in a demo kitchen where Lisette helps to create tasty plant based snacks from the freshly picked weed. Currently her Ocean Green Dinner Parties at restaurants serving The Dutch Weed Burger are a great success. The Ocean Green Dinner Parties take you on a tasty food adventure along the origins of The Dutch Weed Burger and the wonderful world of seaweeds and algae, while letting you enjoy delicious dishes from Ocean Greens and sit back and relax during a screening of The Dutch Weed Burger documentary.

Want to know more, book a lecture, workshop or an Ocean Green Dinner Party? Drop us a line!