What comes from the sea, grows on sunlight and belongs to one of the most powerful plants on this planet? Right; seaweed! These Ocean Greens are an essential addition in the plantbased gastronomy, due to its high quality proteins, omega acids and minerals. The Royal Kombu in our burger is grown by Rebecca and Jennifer from Zeewaar*.

Seaweed is considered the new green gold and many scientists agree that this little green plant can save our planet. It is a high quality source of protein, whose cultivation doesn’t take up agricultural land, and hardly uses fresh water. We believe that we have to work with the sources that are available and the best utilisation of food if we use it directly for human consumption.

* Zeewaar is the grower of the Royal Kombu we use in our burger. In 2014 they harvested for the first time on their seafarm in National Park Oosterschelde in the province of Zeeland. Zeewaar commits to a sustainable new seaconomy and foresees a string of seaweedfarms all the way down the european westcoast, who in collaboration with the ocean grow high-quality plants.

**This pic is from the book Ocean Greens!