Our Mission

Everyday I more and more realise how interesting the era we live in really is. An era in which all of the global dilemma’s are right in front of us.

When I walked the streets of New York in 2012 and me, Lisette and my camera visited the greatest of vegan restaurants the city had to offer, I knew it was the beginning of a new paradigm.

We had never eaten so good before! The plant based kitchens served such beautiful, culinaire creations, full of flavour and character, that we were blown away by the possibilities we saw ahead of us.

The documentary that we shot, started a much bigger adventure, The Dutch Weed Burger.

Since then we have met so many people that understand our message and act accordingly to it, which is a very powerful manifestation of positivity.

We believe that a plant based food culture is the key to change. Whether it is the end of suffering for the animals, making our economy sustainable or total world peace.

It’s that same plate, on which we can find the solutions!

The choice is yours.

Mark Kulsdom
Co-founder and Chef Everything