The Dutch Weed Burger Joint is open!!!

On Juni 21 we opened the doors of our first restaurant, The Dutch Weed Burger Joint!!! You can find us in the Nicolaas Beetsstraat 47 in Amsterdam. Read more

Purpose Award 2016!

On Thursday November the 17th 2016 it was Purpose Day. On this day the Purpose Award 2016 was presented to the company that is the largest promise of 2016 according to the jury. Purpose or meaning is the foundation for a meaningful business. Purpose driven economy is the economy or business of the future.
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Trouw Sustainable 100

Lisette is kickin’ it again in this years “Trouw Duurzame 100” at number 81!! Ranking amidst the pioneers in the field of sustainability in The Netherlands. We’re proud that Lisette is in this list!

Green Protein Alliance

Why are we signing amidst all those big brand logos? Because we were asked to join this Green Protein Alliance which has set itself the task to accelerate the transition to a 50/50 ratio between protein intake from animal and plant origin in 2025. #changefromwithin #greenproteins #gpa

Groente uit Zee goes U.S of A!

On October 18th 2016 you will be able to explore the world of edible seaweed and sea vegetables through this special book, plant power style!! Thanks to The Experiment in NYC this beautiful book about seaweed photographed & co written by Lisette will be published in English! ! You can find more info here. Stay tuned!

A Royal Dutch Weed Burger

A few weeks ago Mark was on a secret mission in Paris to meet OUR QUEEN!! and hand over the letter he wrote to the DUTCH KING on behalf of The Dutch Weed Burger. The top of the foodchain has to be informed right? (THIS IS NO JOKE, THIS REALLY HAPPENED!) *pardon us for the crappy pic, but hey it’s our QUEEN!

Dutch Green Gold

4 years ago we bought almost their entire harvest, and now the seaweed by the Dutch Company Zeewaar finds its way to the big supermarkets. We are proud of the seaweed farmers Rebecca and Jennifer and grateful for the amazing work they do. Read more



Seaweed is delicious in muffins, especially in savoury muffins, topped off with a spoonful of ‘sailors-butter’ (recipe from the book Oceans Greens). Serve these umami treats with a special breakfast or as part of a meal instead of bread.

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This dish will definitely impress your friends, family or loved ones beyond limits. Classy, surprising and nutritious, all combined on one lovely plate.  Read more

Recipe: Festive Seaweed Cake


You may not expect it, but seaweed and dark chocolate go really well together. Hence this amazing recipe for an even more amazing chocolate cake which is definitely suitable for foodies and gastronomes. Read more