The Joint


Just behind the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdams Old West you’ll find the very first Joint of The Dutch Weed Burger. Not a coffee shop, but a vegan seaweed fast food bar: a world premiere. A place where you can enjoy a casual meal with a beer and some friends or pick up a quick bite to go. The menu is one hundred percent plant-powered, enriched with seaweed and micro algae from seaweed farm Zeewaar in the Oosterschelde (and other farms). In addition to the famous Dutch Weed Burger you might have enjoyed at festivals and restaurants for many years, you’ll find other new plant-based fast food classics on the menu like Seawharma, The Dutch Weed Dog and Wish ‘n Chips. The Joint also serves freshly made Mylkshakes and sWeeds: 100% vegan and handmade sweets. Try the magnificent Galaxy Doughnut! The restaurant serves next level vegan fast food but the bigger picture of The Dutch Weed Burger is to create a paradigm shift: a world where a plant-based lifestyle is the new normal. ‘Serving positive change’ is the credo of this new pearl in our capital. Through this street food concept, everyone can easily access the plant-based kitchen in a very tasty way. The Joint is not only for vegans and vegetarians: anyone who loves good food is most welcome! We are going to stimulate, inspire and transform! So come by!

Nicolaas Beetsstraat 47, Amsterdam
020-331 29 30

Opening hours:
From Wednesday until Sunday: 12.00 – 21.30

We don’t take reservations, so just come by and join the feast!

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