Purpose Award 2016!

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On Thursday November the 17th 2016 it was Purpose Day. On this day the Purpose Award 2016 was presented to the company that is the largest promise of 2016 according to the jury. Purpose or meaning is the foundation for a meaningful business. Purpose driven economy is the economy or business of the future.

Mark was invited to pitch with MUD Jeans and Take Care BNB. The Dutch Weed Burger was selected as the winner of the Purpose Award 2016! The jury’s selection criteria were the purpose of the of the company, the current and future impact, the courage the company shows to claim their existence and the first stept of proven success.

The price is €10.000, to be paid in consulting hours in the areas of strategy, positioning, organizational development and leadership/team development by De Droomfabriek and a business report by The Optimist.


During a pitch the ‘fight or flight’ hormones fly through your body. It really is crazy for us to receive this recognition for what we do with The Dutch Weed Burger! Especially during Purpose Day in the Impact Hub. In some industries you are only rewarded with a massive turnover. But the nice thing about purpose-driven organizations is that they especially look at the mission, method and (potential) impact.”